Custom Blue Stone
Bluestone is a popular choice for outdoor projects due to its deep blue color and durability. The termbluestone is derived from the deep blue colored sandstone that is used to create the product. Bluestone is a high quality product due to its silica content, compact nature and fine grains. It is used for patios, architectural facings, fireplaces, sills, sidewalks and other features as well as a basic building material for churches, institutions, homes & businesses. Bluestone is a great choice for outdoor projects because it is resistant to weathering, erosion, and staining. It is also easy to maintain and can last a lifetime with proper care.
In addition to its durability, bluestone is also aesthetically pleasing. Its deep blue color adds a unique and elegant touch to any outdoor project. The natural stone qualities of bluestone also give it a unique look and feel that is sure to impress. Bluestone is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of beauty and durability to their outdoor space. With its long-lasting qualities and unique look, bluestone is sure to be a favorite for many years to come. Contact G. DeLuca and Sons to get a free quote today!
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