Our Story
The CEO of G. DeLuca & Sons is Giacomo L. Deluca. Giacomo was born in Italy and worked for his father’s excavation and construction company until he decided to come to America to build a better future for himself. When Giacomo first started in the masonry field he had just come from Italy, so he spoke almost no English and had very little money. 

Despite these hardships, he found a job working for a friend in the construction business and promised himself that he would one day master the trade of masonry. For 5 years, he worked endless hours, paying careful attention to every brick he laid and every stone he placed. He fulfilled his goal of mastering the trade and knew that it was time to start his own company.

Giacomo ran the company by himself for 20 years until his two sons decided to join the outfit. Giacomo’s sons, Frank and Michael, were around and involved in the business ever since they were old enough to hold a trowel! They saw the extra attention and care that their father put into every job and knew that someday it would be their job to take over and expand the company and make their father proud. 

Since joining the company, Frank and Mike have dedicated themselves to the family’s outstanding reputation and continue to deliver the same quality projects as their father did for over 20 years. They have now grown the company that once consisted of 3 employees and 1 dump truck into a company with over 20 employees, a fleet of over 14 trucks, backhoes, and many other pieces of equipment so that they can continue to get the job done on time and within budget. Both Frank and Mike graduated with degrees in building trades technology. While they continue to operate successfully, Giacomo still likes to stop by the office and the job sites to help out as much as he can.
At G. DeLuca & Sons, we take pride and professionalism in every project we take on for our clients. Let us help you with your next project - contact us today to find out how!
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